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This page contains PDF downloads of our stocklists.

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List of Stock Items

Stock at New Holland
Unseasoned carcassing, Feather Edge, Slats, Fence Battens, Cappings, Posts, Rails,
Sleepers, Tanalith E TTD Battens,
Kiln Dried DECKING
Birch - Unseasoned & Kiln Dried Sawn & PAR S4S

Kiln Dried Stock at New Holland
Kiln Dried C16/24 PAR Reg'd
Kiln Dried Sawn

Tanalith E GREEN TTD Stock at New Holland
Unseasoned & KD PAR Reg'd. Carcassing

Hardwood/Aspen stock at New Holland
Aspen / Hardwood / Mixed Species



James E Smith TimberJames E Smith Timber

If you don't find the stock you're looking for on any of the above documents please call our sales team on 0121 523 1842. We carry substantial volumes of stock at our yard in Birmingham, on other quays throughout the U.K. & in the BALTIC's. We hope to have these stocks available for PDF download soon.

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